The 2018 World Water Ski Show Tournament is set to kick off a new era of water sports in Ontario!

From September 7-9, 2018, top athletes from Canada, USA, Australia, Belgium, China and Germany are set to hit the water at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Ontario for a weekend of action packed entertainment for all ages.

Show skiing involves a group of water skiers performing a variety of acts with the primary objective of providing entertainment. Show skiing has been called the most entertaining discipline in the sport of water skiing. It is fast-paced, exciting, graceful, and most of all, fun to watch. Show skiing is a full production featuring music, a story, costumes, and a whole theme that is incorporated into an hour-long show with multiple acts. There’s something happening on stage, on the docks and on the water with the sole purposed of offering incredible entertainment to the crowd. Routines typically include multiple costume changes, massive moving human pyramids, music jumps and a story line that ties the whole thing together.

What can you expect to see at the 2018 World Water Ski Show Tournament?

The teams from Canada, USA, Australia, Belgium, China and Germany will be incorporating numerous types of water skiing into their shows, however they generally focus on five major areas:

  1. Ballet and Swivel
    This act features a line of skiers choreographed to music. Some skiers may be using swivel bindings, which allows them to make 180-degree turns or 360-degree spins.
  2. Barefooting
    Just as the name implies, this act involves skiers skimming across the surface of the water on nothing but the bare soles of their feet. Boat speeds are usually in excess of 35 mph. Watch for multi-skier barefoot lines and barefoot pyramids.
  3. Doubles
    Features a man and woman team performing various lifts (similar to ice skating) while being pulled by the boat.
  4. Jumping
    For spectators, this is the most thrilling event. Usually three to five skiers will perform spins and flips over a 5 1/2-foot ski jump. Distances can exceed 100 feet and frequently spectacular falls occur during this act. Fortunately, the skiers wear protective clothing and know how to handle the falls safely.
  5. Pyramid
    This is the ultimate test in team work. Using hundreds of feet of rope, skiers actually build a human pyramid on water. Look for pyramids up to five levels high where the top skier often is 25 feet above the water.

As the competition wraps up for the day on Saturday September 8, you will want to hang around for an evening of free entertainment featuring North America’s Number 1 Party Band – Nik and the Nice Guys! The high energy mainstream band features 11 multi-talented musicians performing great dance music, choreography, costuming, and even audience involvement.

Prepare to be wowed at the 2018 World Water Ski Show Tournament. Athletes will be doing high-risk acts that you can’t even imagine. So join us on the water at Deerhurst Resort from September 7-9, 2018 for and incredible weekend of family fun!

Weekend Passes are available for just $10 in advance ($20 at the door).
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