The Macaroni Festival comes to Main Street in Downtown Huntsville!

To start off, let’s state the obvious – macaroni and cheese is popular because it’s delicious. Going by many names including macaroni and cheese casserole, macaroni pie, macaroni cheese and, of course, mac ‘n’ cheese, it is the ultimate in family comfort food. Perfect for when the days get shorter and the nights get colder.

In 1913, the Strano Pasta Factory was built on Main Street in Huntsville where Town Hall now sits. This quickly became an important piece of Huntsville’s history, and its now time to celebrate the past and a delicious meal all at once. This Saturday September 15th, join us as we enjoy the tastes and smells of freshly baked pasta on Main Street in Downtown Huntsville at the 1st Annual Macaroni Festival!

What can you expect?

As you arrive to Main Street, you will be greeted at a ticket booth where you can buy as many sampling tickets as you would like for just $2.00 a piece. You will then receive a Pasta Port explaining what every restaurant is serving. You will then make your way to each participating restaurant with your sample ticket and receive a delicious sample. After you fill up on your samples, you will then vote for your favourite, and see who has the best Mac and Cheese in Downtown Huntsville!

What dishes can you try?

The restaurants of Downtown Huntsville are ready for you to try their macaroni delicacies. Huntsville Brewhouse will be whipping up Jalapeno and Cheddar Mac and Beer Cheese Croquette, breaded in spent grain breadcrumb with New England IPA jelly for dipping. That Little Place by the Lights is serving Creamy Baked Pancetta, Peruvian Pepper Mac and Cheese and Lasagna. Affogato Café + Gelato will be offering up Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese Bites as well as Candied Bacon Mac & Cheese Gelato! Burnt Ends BBQ will have their smoker on Main Street, with their smoker serving up Chicken Drum Sticks and a Smoked inspired Mac and Cheese! Other participating restaurants include Main St. Local, Mill on Main and Whimsical Bakery.

What else is there to do?

The day will be full of family friendly entertainment and activities spread all over the Downtown Core. There will be live music by the Deelies, music and square dancing with the Fernglen Fiddleheads, and singing and drumming by Billy MacPherson and Barry Hayward. Pasta Hostess – Linda Morrin will be set up on Main Street offering Pasta Making Demonstrations and a cookbook giveaway! There will be a slate of entertainment for the kids including Giant Ladder Ball, Yahtzee, Giant Connect Four, Jenga, Ker Plunk, Playdough and Art Activities! There will be a large mural set up for everyone to contribute to the Pasta Art theme, and finally, local artists will be on Main Street painting pasta inspired paddles donated by Algonquin Outfitters. These paddles will then become a part of the Algonquin Outfitters Paddle Art Contest Charity Auction.

Macaroni is entrenched in the history of Huntsville, and it is time to celebrate this delicious meal. Join us on Saturday September 15th in Downtown Huntsville to sample some delicious combinations and enjoy a full day of family fun at the Macaroni Festival!

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