The Canada Summit Centre indoor walking track is located on the second floor surrounding the Don Lough Arena. 

  • The walking track is open during regular hours of operation of the Canada Summit Centre, but is closed during ticketed events. 
  • Free to use for all ages on a drop-in basis
  • Five laps of the track are equal to 1km
  • You can access the track from the Canada Summit Centre or the Active Living Centre. Please observe posted direction and track usage rules.


Address: 20 Park Dr, Huntsville, ON P1H 1P5, Canada
Phone: 705-789-6421
Website: https://facilities.huntsville.ca/Home/Detail?CategoryIds=&FacilityTypeIds=&Keywords=walking%2Btrack&ScrollTo=scroll-map-list-container&CloseMap=true&Id=5ac5a0f6-f906-447a-a9be-398839b4d52e


Monday - Friday: 6am-12am
Saturday: 6:30am-12am
Sunday: 7am-11pm

Walking Track
20 Park Dr, Huntsville, ON P1H 1P5, Canada