Located at the south end of Mary Lake at the mouth of the Muskoka River, the Port Sydney Dam offers incredible views of the natural stonescape and rushing waterfalls. The shoreline is a great place to set up for a picnic or sit and watch people frolic in the falls. Be sure to wear a lifejacket if you’d like to attempt a slide down the falls-depending on the time of year there can be an undertow. There is plenty to explore without getting your feet wet. The rock shoreline is often filled with small pools of water and may be home to some tadpoles or minnows depending on when you visit. There are many rock walls where you can sit and let your feet dangle as you take in all of nature‚Äôs activity that surrounds you.

Walk across the dam over the steel grated walkway and watch underneath as the water rushes by. Once you’re across, a set of stairs leads to a pathway that passes by neighbouring houses and right through to the main street. From here you can continue on to the general store for a coffee or ice cream or keep on strolling right to the beach and town centre.


Address: Ontario Street, Huntsville

Port Sydney Dam
Ontario Street, Huntsville