Port Sydney Beach is positioned on the south end of Mary Lake in the adorable village of Port Sydney, and has all the amenities you’ll need to set up for a day of summer relaxation. A gently sloping grassy hill descends into the beach area with plenty of space for sand castles and unwinding. The swimming area is marked off by buoys and is shallow and protected by the L-shaped pier and docks extending out into the lake, making it an excellent spot for younger children. Those looking for deeper waters can enjoy the lower swimming dock attached to the end of the pier which is equipped with several ladders for exiting the water. This is a great place to come and set up your beach chair and read a good book while the kids amuse themselves nearby. The views of the lake and nearby Rocky Island are accented by the dozen or so boats mooring in the adjacent bay.

There are also several picnic tables and benches scattered throughout Port Sydney Beach.  A wheelchair accessible swimming area complete with a hard surface extending into the water is accessed by means of a  ramp descending from the accessible parking spots in the upper parking area. A stand-alone public washroom building is located in the parking lot. The entrance to the pier features a large pavilion with a picnic table-the premium picnic spot if you’re lucky enough to snag it!


Address: 540 Muskoka Road 10, Huntsville, Ontario

Port Sydney Beach
540 Muskoka Road 10, Huntsville, Ontario