Meadow Park is a community park situated between two adjoining roads giving it the feeling of being the central meeting location of the neighbourhood. Meadow Park has a large modern play structure that includes many original and interesting features. Some of these included a “matching game” as well as musical scale with working keys. It also featured some classics such as tic-tac-toe. There are many climbing options and slides suitable for all ages and abilities. Another fun and unique feature is the mini zip line which really lets kids work their whole bodies as they propel their way across. The swing set consists of two big kid swings, a baby swing and an accessible swing. A large willow tree is located at the centre of the park space and there are several maple trees as well. Picnic tables and muskoka chairs are scattered throughout providing many spots to have a snack or a rest. An asphalt trail connects the two surrounding roads on either side of the park and would be a good spot to ride a tricycle or other ride-along toy with proper supervision.


Address: 30 Forest View Drive, Huntsville
Phone: 705-789-1751

Meadow Park
30 Forest View Drive, Huntsville