While it’s hard to pick favourites in this beautiful town, the Hunters Bay Trail is definitely top of the list. Measuring 4.6km one way, it can be broken down into a few sections or travelled in its
entirety. There are several locations to park your car and access the trail along the way. One is immediately following the Centre St. bridge at the entrance to Infrapipe. This access has a good-sized parking lot. From here the trail offers a view of the river as it winds up and down hills on a mostly gravel path.

There are many unique spots to stop on the Hunters Bay Trail – keep an eye out for the large trees growing right at the shoreline that kids love to climb. Every couple hundred metres or so you’ll encounter a bench (provided by the local Rotary Club) or a break in the forest that accesses the water’s edge. As you walk along you’ll see many native species of plants and wildflowers throughout the summer and there is a feeling of being enveloped by the surrounding forest.

The trail levels out as it continues onto the next access point at Avery beach, which is another location for parking or meeting up with others. The section continuing from here is a winding forested section with many grassy spots on either side of the path. You’ll descend from the forest onto the trail’s first boardwalk which has a railing on one side and swim ladders and access points as well as an additional dock on the side facing the bay. Once back on land you’re just a few steps from Orchard Park.

After making a quick detour through Orchard Park and onto East Airport Road you’ll start on the newest section of the route. An arched iron bridge opens the trail at the southernmost tip of
Hunter’s Bay. The gravel trail travels aside the water’s edge and leads to another boardwalk. This second boardwalk is several hundred metres in length and is railed on both sides. Built in benches along the way provide a great spot for resting or taking in the waterfront view. This unique walking surface travels under the Hwy 11 overpass alongside the Vernon Narrows and then adjoins back to land. The last and final stretch of hard packed gravel trail travels uphill to Lakeshore Rd. where there is a small parking area.


Address: 42 Centre St N Huntsville, ON P1H 1T4
Phone: 705-789-6421
Website: https://facilities.huntsville.ca/Home/Detail?Id=5262691d-090a-424e-bed5-4e655eb92561

Hunters Bay Trail
42 Centre St N Huntsville, ON P1H 1T4