Heart of Muskoka Fries offers a unique dining experience that combines delicious comfort food with a charming vintage atmosphere. This quaint eatery stands out for its all-day breakfast, allowing patrons to enjoy morning favorites at any hour. Alongside their breakfast offerings, the restaurant serves up a tempting array of lunch and dinner options, with french fries and burgers taking centre stage. Whether you’re craving a hearty breakfast at sunset or seeking a lunch spot with character, Heart of Muskoka Fries delivers a memorable blend of flavors and ambiance that celebrates the best of the past and present.


Address: 92 Muskoka Rd 10, Port Sydney, ON P0B 1L0
Phone: (705) 405-0202

Heart of Muskoka Fries
92 Muskoka Rd 10, Port Sydney, ON P0B 1L0