The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery is a unique outdoor trail that features over 90 incredible mural replicas showcasing the works of the Group of Seven painters and the gentleman who inspired them, Tom Thomson. Take the mobile tour of locations throughout Muskoka and Algonquin Park, Ontario, and experience iconic 20th century Canadian art coming to life again in the digital age.

Recognized as Canada’s most famous artists, the early 20th century painters known as the Group of Seven were inspired by their friend Tom Thomson, who was himself inspired by the stunning landscapes in and around Ontario’s Algonquin Park.

These artists created a modern art movement that lies at the heart of Canadian culture and heritage, and this region in particular was painted extensively by The Group of Seven as they developed their techniques.  Their works reveal the wild and rugged nature of the Canadian landscape, which they hoped to represent in a new way.

With The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery, which showcases mural replicas of their incredible works against the backdrop of the areas they visited, it is our hope that everyone interested in Canadian art will experience these paintings in yet another new way.

The 98 mural replicas in an outdoor collection are an homage to these painters, and their enhanced sizes perhaps represents the huge impact these paintings had on the public at the time they were originally done, and for generations of Canadians to come.  With the exception of the Sketch Mural Collection that was done by local students, the murals in our collection have been painted by some of Canada’s top mural artists, whose mandate was to recreate the masterpieces as close as possible to the originals, with little or no artistic license. The muralists had to match the original prints colour-for-colour and brush stroke-for-brush stroke – no easy feat when you consider how talented the original painters were.

It is our pleasure to present this collection to you.  The collection can be viewed throughout Downtown Huntsville at your leisure via the map below!


Address: Downtown Huntsville Ontario

Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery
Downtown Huntsville Ontario