Located at the intersection of Centre St. and West Rd., Flag Park was constructed to commemorate the G8 Summit which the Town of Huntsville hosted in 2010. It features a flag for each country that was in attendance. A beautifully landscaped walkway accented with Muskoka Granite stonework lines the centre of the park space. Several tiers of mowed grass are highlighted by blooming annual gardens. A row of spruce trees provides the backdrop for the row of flags. A walk up the pathway leads you to a granite marker bearing a bronze G8 plaque positioned in front of the Canadian flag.

One of Huntsville’s many ice cream shops is located just a few steps away from Flag Park. Pick up a cone and stroll to this park to sit on either the stone wall or one of the Muskoka chairs which are positioned throughout the space.


Address: 76 West Road, Huntsville

Flag Park
76 West Road, Huntsville