Creekside Park is located in the heart of Port Sydney, and is the perfect spot for a family picnic. The sloping grassy hill is sheltered from the road and towering white pines line the nearby shore of Mary Lake. A small opening to the water, approximately 15 feet wide serves as a means for accessing the water. There are a half dozen picnic tables scattered throughout the park, with ample space between to allow several families/groups to be comfortably set up at the same time. The far end of the Creekside Park is accented by a small creek flowing from the road side out to Mary Lake, complete with a small bridge to access the other side by foot. The setting offers a  relaxing and secluded feel only steps away from the busy adjacent pier and beach. Public washrooms are located in the adjoining parking lot.


Address: 540 Muskoka Road 10, Huntsville

Creekside Park
540 Muskoka Road 10, Huntsville