Located adjacent to Main St and just west of downtown, Huntsville’s Centennial Park was established in 1967 to commemorate Canada’s 100th birthday. At the midpoint of the Centennial Park there is a clearing with a Canada Flag and an excellent view of Hunters Bay and Huntsville’s historic train station. A long runway of lush green lawn provides an inviting space for kids to run and play. Bordering the lawn there are several native species of flowers growing providing a “pollinator haven” which is a designated space for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects to feed. Several mature crabapple trees provide an abundant display of blossoms every spring. The park space also features some prominent white pines. From late spring to early fall the space is equipped with benches, picnic tables and Muskoka chairs allowing you to enjoy this outdoor space in comfort.


Address: 66 Main St West, Huntsville

Centennial Park
66 Main St West, Huntsville