Camp Kitchen is located at the end of Camp Kitchen Road where the Muskoka River meets Fairy Lake, and this waterfront park offers a mix of lush green lawns and mature trees that reach towards the water’s edge. As you make your way onto Camp Kitchen Rd, which is located at the back of the Canada Summit Centre, you are nestled between the Muskoka River on your left and the forested rocky landscape of Lookout Hill on your right. Also adjacent to the road are the tracks for the Portage Flyer train which makes daily trips out to Camp Kitchen from the Muskoka Heritage Place station throughout the summer season.

As you wind your way along the road you’ll be treated to views of the waterfront homes located on the opposite side of the river. Once you make your approach to the park the shore is lined with a row of cedar trees, expertly trimmed to the “browse line” by the local deer. Beyond these trees the shore is home to an old stone retaining wall with several sandy sections of shoreline just beyond. The water is shallow here but can drop off quite quickly-swimmers should be aware of the current as well as the frequent boat traffic traveling back and forth. There is a small parking area located at the end of the road.

The view of Fairy Lake from this point is marvelous, stretching way beyond nearby Alice Island. Further along the park and adjacent to the tracks sits a wooden building known as the Purser’s Cabin which was originally located at the WaWa Hotel on Lake of Bays. It was restored and brought to its current location in 2004 to add authenticity to the Portage Flyer train experience. The parkland is a mix of natural and built shoreline with many grass covered spots sloping towards the waterfront. This scenic park truly encompasses the beauty of the Muskoka landscape.


Address: 100 Camp Kitchen Road, Huntsville

Camp Kitchen
100 Camp Kitchen Road, Huntsville