Buck Lake Beach is located at the southern point of Buck Lake in the hamlet of Ilfracombe. This beach boasts some of the longest stretches of shallow water in the area. Located about 20 minutes north west of the Town of Huntsville you’ll know you arrived as the edge of the lake just about meets the road. On a sunny day there will likely be many cars parked along either side of the road as people flock to this spot to enjoy a beach day. Sandy shores lined with trees and mixed vegetation provide great spaces to play and explore. Picnic tables and some seasonal seating are situated throughout the space. You’ll often see many beachgoers set their portable chairs up right in the water so they can relax while keeping their feet cool. Buck Lake Beach is a great spot for young swimmers as the shallow waters are quite warm so kids can stay in for a longer play.


Address: 4198 Ravenscliffe Road, Huntsville, Ontario

Buck Lake Beach
4198 Ravenscliffe Road, Huntsville, Ontario