When you build a mutually enriching and satisfying bond between a horse and a human everybody benefits. Back of Beyond offer exceptional equine experiences where participants have an opportunity to try new things and do something out of the ordinary. They are for open-minded, authentic explorers who are interested in personal development, cultural immersion and “off the beaten track” discovery with horses.

Summer Adventures


We, at Back of Beyond, are offering a horse-drawn wagon ride to explore the beauty of the natural maple forest plus a guided tour of the farm to meet all of our horses.  Most of our 14 horses and ponies are retired or rescued. Their riding days are over, but they have lots to give to people young and old. Each horse has a unique story to share. Book a time to come hear about them and enjoy the outdoors together as a family. Take home of a picture of your favourite horse to remind you of this fun filled adventure.


Are you looking for a Fun Family Adventure? Why not visit Back of Beyond Farm and combine some horse education with a lot of outdoor excitement! We have 14 retired and rescued horses that love all the attention you can lavish on them. As each horse is introduced, we invite you to pick one and we will show you how to brush and care for it … a real hands-on experience! And who can resist giving these beautiful animals a treat to enjoy (we provide that). We will even let you choose a picture of your favourite horse to take home, as a reminder of all the fun you had with them.

Winter Adventures


Start your families adventure with a tour of our horse farm, meet the 14 resident horses and ponies and learn their stories. Then pile under the blankets aboard one of the classy red sleighs and take off into a magical winter wonderland along our private woodland trails.  End your sleigh ride at a crackling campfire where you can warm your toes while sipping hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows. After the campfire come back to the barn to brush one of the ponies and choose a picture of your favourite horse. 


Picture yourself and someone special tucked into a cozy red Dr Zhivago sleigh, piled high with blankets behind a big black Percheron or a small cuddly Fjord. Glide through the woods on snow-covered trails lit with glowing lights and lanterns and sense how the forest has a special feeling at night; peaceful, mysterious and tranquil. End up at a crackling private campfire where a warm beverage awaits. Roast some marshmallows and warm your toes. Your ride is especially romantic and personal, just for the two of you. A perfect date or a very special setting for a proposal.

Visit backofbeyondequinecentre.com/wagonrides to book your experience today!


Address: 2572 Muskoka District Road 10, Huntsville, ON P1H 2J3, Canada
Phone: 705-789-1605
Website: http://backofbeyondequinecentre.com/
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Back of Beyond Equine Centre
2572 Muskoka District Road 10, Huntsville, ON P1H 2J3, Canada