With beautiful lakes, rivers, and unspoiled wilderness teeming with wildlife, Algonquin Park offers excellent hiking trails, ranging from less than a kilometer to multi-day treks! Algonquin Park Trails range from easy, flat trails along boardwalks to more difficult routes that climb over ridges to outstanding lookouts.

See the full list of Hiking Trails, Backpacking Trails, and Interpretative Walking Trails below!


Whiskey Rapids Trail located at km 7.2 – 2.1 km (1.5hours) moderate
This looped trail leads along the Oxtongue River to scenic Whiskey Rapids. The trail guide discusses the ecology and history of an Algonquin river.

Hardwood Lookout Trail located at km 13.8km – 0.8 km (1 hour) moderate
This walk introduces the visitor to the ecology of a typical Algonquin hardwood forest and culminates in a fine view of Smoke Lake and the surrounding hills.

Mizzy Lake Trail located at km 15.4 – 11 km (4-5 hours) moderate.
This trail requires an early start and a full day to do properly. It visits nine ponds and small lakes and affords some of the best chances to see wildlife in the Parkway Corridor. Dogs are not permitted on the trail.

Peck Lake Trail located at km 19.2 – 1.9 km (1 hour) moderate.
This trail circumnavigates the shoreline of Peck Lake. The trail guide explores the ecology of a typical Algonquin lake.

Track and Tower Trail located at km 25km – 7.7 km (3 hours) moderate
This looped trail features a spectacular lookout over Cache Lake. An optional 5.5 km side trip follows an abandoned railway to Mew Lake.

Hemlock Bluff Trail located at km 27.2 – 3.5 km (2 hours) moderate.
This trail leads through a mixed forest to an impressive view of Jack Lake.

Bat Lake Trail located at km 30 – 5.6 km (2.5 hours) moderate
This looped trail introduces the hiker to basic park ecology while visiting a beautiful hemlock stand, a fine lookout, and acidic Bat Lake.

Two Rivers Trail located a km 31 – 2.1km (1 hour) moderate
This looped trail includes an easy climb to a pine-clad cliff.

Centennial Ridges Trail located at km 37.6 – 10 km (3-4 hours) strenuous
This demanding loop rewards the hiker with spectacular viewing along two high ridges.

Lookout Trail located at km 39.7 – 1.9km (1 hour) moderate

This trail is relatively steep and rugged but affords the hiker with a magnificent view of several hundred square kilometres of Algonquin.

Big Pines Trail located at km 40.3 – 2.9 km (2 hours) moderate
This trail visits spectacularly large, old growth White Pine and the remains of an 1880s logging camp.

Booth’s Rock Trail located at km 40.5 – 5.1 km (2 hours) moderate
This trail visits two lakes and a spectacular lookout, returning via an abandoned railway.

Spruce Bog Boardwalk located at km 42.5 – 1.5 km (1hour) easy
Several boardwalk sections in the looped trail give you an excellent close-up look of two typical northern Black Spruce bogs. The trail is located right off of the Highway 60 corridor, making it very accessible for bird watching.

Beaver Pond Trail located at km 45.2 – 2 km (1 hour) moderate
This trail provides excellent views of two beaver ponds.

Algonquin Logging Museum Trail at km 54.5 – 1.3km (1 hour)
This trail and exhibits summarizes the logging history of the Algonquin area. Features a re-created camboose camp and a fascinating steam-powered amphibious tug called an “alligator”.


High Falls Hiking Trail – 1.9 km, 30 minutes 1 way or 1 hour for return
Starting from the High Falls parking area, the trail follows an old road through a Red Pine plantation. It then becomes a footpath northward through hardwood forests on the west side of the York River. The trail connects with the first portage on the river then branches off to a rock point north of High Falls. From the end of the trail you have a view of the top of the rapids upstream of High Falls and a view downstream of the falls.

Scorch Lake Lookout Trail – less than 1 km, moderate
Although this 942 m trail is very steep, it’s well worth the 20 minute climb to see the spectacular view of Scorch Lake.

Bruton Farm Hiking Trail
The Bruton Farm Hiking Trail is 2.4 km in length and takes about an hour to walk one way.


Barron Canyon Trail 1.5 km (1 hour) moderate
This trail leads to and runs along the north rim of the spectacular 100m deep Barron Canyon. The trail guide uses six stops to explain the formation and history of the canyon. Caution: This trail travels by an unfenced cliff, keep children close by and pets on a leash at all times. It is located 10 km from the Sand Lake Gate entrance to the park and 35 km in total from the junction of the Barron Canyon Road and the Trans Canada Highway.

Berm Lake Trail – 4.5 km (2 hours) moderate
The trail circles Berm Lake and runs through pine and oak forests typical of the area. A trail guide discusses the ecology of a pine forest. This trail is accessed from the Achray Campground.


Brent Crater Trail – 2 km (1.5 hours) strenuous
The Brent Crater was formed when a meteorite crashed to earth thousands of years ago. From a wooden observation tower overlooking the crater, the trail descends to the crater floor before looping back to the starting point. Six interpretive stops relate some of the geological and historical significance of this unique feature. This trail is accessed from the Brent Campground.

Backpacking Trails

The interior of the park offers over 140 km of backpacking trails with designated campsites. More information is available by calling 705-633-5572.

Interpretive Walking Trails

Algonquin Park’s interpretive walking trails are available for day hiking outings. Each trail is designed to explore a different aspect of Algonquin and each has a trail guide booklet. Trails are open year-round, but trail guide booklets are available at trail heads from late spring to early fall. Trail guide booklets are always available through The Friends of Algonquin Park Bookstores. Access to trail head parking lots may vary in winter. A valid Park permit is required for all trail use.

Additional Trails With Self-Guided Exhibit Panels


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